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A Study of
The Middle Ages
Presented by Sir Richard Dragon Tamer

Beware stranger!
Thou hast fallen back in time.

This year is 1239 AD!
THIS  PLACE ?   The Isle of Britain -
a fantasy castle in an imaginary land...

Hear ye, Hear ye!

Thou art summoned to his lordship's castle, on the cliffs of the southern coast, for feasting, jousting and merriment in celebration of recent conquests by the Knights of the realm. Alas, 'tis unknown what manner of time Thou may'st languish herewith. Hours per chance - or days!!

Thou shalt partake of daily castle life - attend a joust with the Knights who defend the barony - feast with the Lords and Ladies-in-waiting who make up the Baron's immediate household - talk with traders and tourists, children and  serfs, from the village, who rely on Sir Dragon Tamer's chivalrous generosity for their well being, as do YOU! Take care, lest your manner gives offense here.

Come ye forth now !  Enter in ! 
Join our Merry Company !

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